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L 开头的词汇

labor - n. work; workers as a group

laboratory - n. a room or place where experiments in science are done

lack - v. to be without; n. the condition of needing, wanting or not having

lake - n. a large area of fresh water surrounded by land

land - v. to come to the earth from the air ("Airplanes land at airports."); n. the part of the earth not covered by water; the ground

language - n. words and their use; what people speak in a country, nation or group

large - ad. big; being of more than usual size, amount or number; opposite small

last - v. to continue ("The talks will last three days."); ad. after all others; the only one remaining ("She is the last person in line.")

late - ad. after the correct time; near the end; opposite early

laugh - v. to make sounds to express pleasure or happy feelings

launch - v. to put into operation; to begin; to send into the air or space

law - n. all or any rules made by a government

lead - v. to show the way; to command; to control; to go first

leak - v. to come out of or to escape through a small opening or hole (usually a gas or liquid)

learn - v. to get knowledge about; to come to know a fact or facts

leave - v. to go away from; to let something stay where it is

left - ad. on the side that is toward the west when one is facing north; opposite right

legal - ad. of or in agreement with the law

legislature - n. a government lawmaking group

lend - v. to permit someone to use a thing temporarily; to make a loan of money

less - ad. smaller in amount; not as much

let - v. to permit to do or to be; to make possible

letter - n. a message written on paper; a communication in writing sent to another person

level - n. the amount or height that something reaches or rises to; the position of something or someone

liberal - ad. one who usually supports social progress or change

lie - v. to have one's body on the ground or other surface; to say something that one knows is not true

life - n. the time between being born and dying; opposite death; all living things

lift - v. to take or bring up to a higher place or level

light - n. a form of energy that affects the eyes so that one is able to see; anything that produces light; ad. bright; clear; not heavy

lightning - n. light produced by electricity in the air, usually during a storm

like - v. to be pleased with; to have good feelings for someone or something; ad. in the same way as; similar to

limit - v. to restrict to a number or amount; n. the greatest amount or number permitted

line - n. a long, thin mark on a surface; a number of people or things organized; one after another; the edge of an area protected by military forces

link - v. to connect; to unite one thing or event with another; n. a relation between two or more things, situations or events

liquid - n. a substance that is not a solid or gas, and can move freely, like water

list - v. to put in writing a number of names of people or things; n. a written series of names or things

listen - v. to try to hear

literature - n. all the poems, stories and writings of a period of time or of a country

little - ad. not tall or big; a small amount

live - v. to have life; to exist; ad. having life; alive

load - v. to put objects on or into a vehicle or container; n. that which is carried

loan - n. money borrowed that usually must be returned with interest payments; something borrowed

local - ad. about or having to do with one place

lonely - ad. feeling alone and wanting friends; visited by few or no people ("a lonely man")

long - ad. not short; measuring from beginning to end; measuring much; for much time

look - v. to turn the eyes toward so as to see; to search or hunt for; to seem to be

lose - v. to have no longer; to not find; to fail to keep; to be defeated

loud - ad. having a strong sound; full of sound or noise

love - v. to like very much; to feel a strong, kind emotion (sometimes involving sex); n. a strong, kind emotion for someone or something; opposite hate

low - ad. not high or tall; below the normal height; close to the ground

loyal - ad. showing strong friendship and support for someone or something

luck - n. something that happens by chance