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H 开头的词汇

hair - n. the fine material that grows from the skin, especially from the head

half - n. one of two equal parts of something

halt - v. to come or cause to come to a stop; to stop

hang - v. to place something so the highest part is supported and the lower part is not; to kill by hanging

happen - v. to become a fact or event; to take place

happy - ad. pleased; satisfied; feeling good; not sad

hard - ad. not easily cut or broken; solid; difficult to do or understand; needing much effort or force

harm - v. to injure; to damage; n. damage; hurt

harvest - v. to gather crops; n. the crop after it is gathered

hat - n. a head cover

hate - v. to have strong emotions against; to consider as an enemy; opposite love

have - v. to possess; to own; to hold

he - pro. the boy or man who is being spoken about

head - v. to lead; to command; n. leader; chief; the top part of something; the highest position

headquarters - n. the center from which orders are given; the main offices of a business or organization

heal - v. to return to good health; to cure; to become well

health - n. the general condition of the body and mind; the condition of being free from sickness or disease

hear - v. to receive sound through the ears; to receive news about

heat - v. to make hot or warm; n. great warmth; that which is produced by burning fuel; energy from the sun

heavy - ad. having much weight; not easy to lift; of great amount or force

helicopter - n. a machine without wings that can fly up or down or remain in one place above the ground

help - v. to give support; to assist; to make easier; n. support; aid

here - ad. in, to or at this place

hero - n. a person honored for being brave or wise

hide - v. to prevent from being seen or found; to make secret

high - ad. tall; far up; far above the ground; important; above others

hijack - v. to seize or take control of a vehicle by force

hill - n. a small mountain

history - n. the written record or description of past events; the study of the past

hit - v. to strike; to touch with force

hold - v. to carry or support, usually in the hands or arms; to keep in one position; to keep as a prisoner; to contain; to possess; to occupy; to organize and be involved in ("The two sides hold talks this week.")

hole - n. an opening; a torn or broken place in something

holiday - n. a day when one does not work; a day on which no work is done to honor or remember a person or event

holy - ad. greatly honored in religion

home - n. the building where a person lives, especially with family; the place where one was born or comes from; the area or country where one lives

honest - ad. truthful; able to be trusted

honor - v. to obey; to show strong, good feelings for ("to honor one's parents"); n. an award; an act of giving special recognition ("He received many honors for his efforts to help others.")

hope - v. to expect; to believe there is a good chance that something will happen as wanted; to want something to happen

horrible - ad. causing great fear; terrible

horse - n. a large animal often used for racing, riding or farm work

hospital - n. a place where sick or injured people are given medical care

hostage - n. a person captured and held as a guarantee that a demand or promise will be honored

hostile - ad. ready to fight; ready for war

hot - ad. having or feeling great heat or a high temperature

hotel - n. a building with rooms, and often food, for travellers

hour - n. a measure of time; sixty minutes

house - n. a building in which people live; a country's parliament or lawmaking group ("House of Representatives")

how - ad. in what way; to what amount

however - conj. yet; but

huge - ad. very big; of great size

human - ad. of or about people

humor - n. the ability to understand, enjoy or express what makes people laugh

hunger - n. the need for food

hunt - v. to search for animals to capture or kill them; to seek; to try to find

hurry - v. to do or go fast

hurt - v. to cause pain, injury or damage

husband - n. a man who is married