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F 开头的词汇

face - n. the front of the head: eyes, nose, mouth; v. to look toward; to turn toward; to have before you, such as a problem or danger

fact - n. something known or proved to be true

factory - n. a building or group of buildings where goods are made

fail - v. to not succeed; to not reach a goal

fair - ad. just; honest; what is right

fall - v. to go down quickly; to come down; to drop to the ground or a lower position

false - ad. not true; not correct

family - n. the group that includes children and their parents

famous - ad. known very well to many people

far - ad. at, to or from a great distance

farm - n. land used to grow crops and animals for food

fast - ad. moving or working at great speed; quick

fat - n. tissue in the bodies of humans and animals used to store energy and to keep warm; ad. thick; heavy

father - n. the male parent; a man who has a child or children

fear - v. to be afraid; to worry that something bad is near or may happen ("He feared falling down."); n. a strong emotion when there is danger or trouble ("He had a fear that he would fall down.")

federal - ad. of or having to do with a national or central government

feed - v. to give food to

feel - v. to have or experience an emotion; to know by touching

female - n. a woman or girl; the sex that gives birth; ad. of or about women

fence - n. something around an area of land to keep animals or people in or out

fertile - ad. rich in production of plants or animals; producing much

few - ad. not many; a small number of

field - n. an area of open land, usually used to grow crops or to raise animals

fierce - ad. extremely strong; violent; angry

fight - v. to use violence or force; to attempt to defeat or destroy an enemy; n. the use of force; a battle

fill - v. to put or pour something into a container until there is space for no more

film - v. to record something so it can be seen again; to make a motion picture or movie; n. a thin piece of material for making pictures with a camera; a movie

final - ad. at the end; last

financial - ad. of or about the system that includes the use of money, credit, investments and banks

find - v. to discover or learn something by searching or by accident; to decide a court case ("The jury finds the man guilty of murder.")

fine - n. a payment ordered by a court to punish someone for a crime; ad. very good; very small or thin

finish - v. to complete; to end

fire - v. to shoot a gun; n. the heat and light produced by something burning

fireworks - n. rockets producing bright fire in the sky, used in holiday celebrations

firm - ad. not easily moved or changed ("She is firm in her opinion.")

first - ad. coming before all others

fish - n. a creature that lives and can breathe in water

fit - v. to be of the correct size or shape ("These shoes fit my feet.")

fix - v. to make good or right again

flag - n. a piece of colored cloth used to represent a nation, government or organization

flat - ad. smooth; having no high places

flee - v. to run away from

float - v. to be on water without sinking; to move or be moved gently on water or through air

flood - v. to cover with water; n. the movement of water out of a river, lake or ocean onto land

floor - n. the bottom part of a room for walking on ("The book fell to the floor."); the level of a building ("The fire was on the first floor.")

flow - v. to move like a liquid

flower - n. the colored part of plants that carry seeds

fluid - n. any substance that can flow, such as a liquid

fly - v. to move through the air with wings, like a bird or airplane; to travel in an airplane or flying vehicle

fog - n. a mass of wet air that is difficult to see through; a cloud close to the ground

follow - v. to come or go after; to accept the rule or power of; to obey

food - n. that which is taken in by all living things for energy, strength and growth

fool - v. to make someone believe something that is not true; to trick; n. a person who is tricked easily

foot - n. the bottom part of the leg; the part of the body that touches the ground when a person or animal walks

for - prep. because of ("He is famous for his work."); in exchange ("Give me one dollar for the book."); through space or time ("They travelled for one hour."); representative of ("I speak for all people."); to be employed by ("She works for a computer company.")

force - v. to make someone do something or make something happen by using power; n. power, strength; strength used against a person or object; military power of a nation; a military group

foreign - ad. of, about or from another nation; not from one's own place or country

forest - n. a place of many trees

forget - v. to not remember

forgive - v. to pardon; to excuse; to remove guilt

form - v. to make; to start; to shape ("They formed a swim team."); n. a kind ("Swimming is a form of exercise.")

former - ad. earlier in time; not now

forward - ad. the direction in front of; toward the front

free - v. to release; ad. not controlled by another or by outside forces; not in prison; independent; not limited by rules; without cost

freedom - n. the condition of being free

freeze - v. to cause or to become very cold; to make or to become hard by cold

fresh - ad. newly made or gathered; recent

friend - n. a person one likes and trusts

frighten - v. to cause great fear

from - prep. having a person, place or thing as a beginning or cause ("It is a message from the president."); at a place distant, not near ("The school is five kilometers from my home."); because of ("He is suffering from cancer.")

front - n. the forward part; the opposite of back; the beginning; the first part

fruit - n. food from trees and plants

fuel - n. any substance burned to create heat or power

full - ad. containing as much as a person or thing can hold; complete

fun - n. anything that is pleasing and causes happiness

funeral - n. a ceremony held in connection with the burial or burning of the dead

future - n. time after now ("We can talk about it in the future."); ad. in the time to come ("All future meetings will be held in this room.")